So here we go….

Procrastination and imagination will only get you so far before you realise if you’re going to start something, why not start it now? I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new blog since before my daughter was born, she is now 1 year old and here I am tentatively issuing my first post, after over-thinking exactly what I wanted to convey in this blog for way too long.

I called this blog Planet Family for a number of reasons, firstly because a family in whatever shape or form it comes in, is a world unto itself, often with an inherently understood language, shared quirks of personality, inside humour, traditions and interests.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that a fly on the wall at their family gatherings would think they were quite a strange group, acting in ways that would not necessarily be expected from first appearances.  My own extended family parties inevitably involve at least 1 rendition of summertime, among other old time favourites, perhaps some sort of silly dancing display or skit from ‘allo allo’  and plenty of wine and food to keep the merriment going strong.

Secondly I wanted to include references to family culture, activities and even cool or weird gadgets around the globe as the different environments and ways in which we are raised make us the interesting individuals we are.  I can only speak from experience of the countries I have visited but will hopefully get some insights from friends and acquaintances from further abroad.

And finally, Planet Family also refers to my own little bi-national clan, essentially from opposite ends of the earth and with a lot of road covered on the way to creating our union, but now with the wonderful addition of Rhiannon Freya, half Kiwi half Welsh – Kiwelsh or Weliwi depending on your perspective.

Right, thats the boring explanatory first post out of the way!



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