Cranking up the creative gene

I remember loving creative activities as a kid – writing little stories, creating plays, making crafts or painting pictures, it never occured to me to question whether I was good at it or not, I just did it for pure enjoyment.  Once high school came along and the judgements of peers and teachers came into play, it suddenly seemed important to be ‘talented’ as skills would be tested according to someone elses idea of art, language etc etc. The fear of failure or lack of confidence in ability is a powerful antedote to creativity and sure enough I soon opted to stop pursuing my love of creating things and focus on the practical mission of getting through with decent grades.

Now as a stay at home mum, I am experiencing something of a creative renaissance, which I attribute partly to the hours of imaginative play with my daughter and partly because I am not pre-occupied with the pressures of work.  That could well change in the near future as my partner will assume the house-husband role when I return to the workforce, but for now I am planning to enjoy it and share this joy with Rhiannon.

So after that rather long-winded ponderence my first project was to make some bunting for Rhi’s room, which admittedly I talked about doing for quite a few months before I actually starting anything.  In my entire life the grand sum of my sewing achievements can be narrowed down to a pillowcase, a pair of hideous elasticated purple shorts (in home ec), a smock for a musical costume and 2 unfunished cushion covers.  Needless to say, I am no snappy seamstress and have trouble achieving a straight line but after a comment from my other half about all my proposed projects not materialising it was enough to get me motivated.

Thank goodness for the internet,  I soon found a helpful tutorial which even I could manage and after a few stops and starts, here is the finished product, which may not seem much but I am ridiculously pleased that I completed it and it turned out quite well.

This has fuelled a fire for pursuing more projects for both myself and Rhiannon to get hands-on.  I have been thinking about making a button name portrait on canvas for some time and just found Kellie Christie’s blog for inspiration – this is the next task, now lets see how long it takes me to get around to collecting all those buttons as I checked out new ones and some of them are pretty pricey!  Charity shops here I come.

I’d love to hear of any other cool, easy for beginners crafts, blogs or sites – quite interested in decoupage, glass jar lanterns, paper jewellery….oh the list goes on!

Now for those buttons!


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  1. Lovely! Can’t wait to see the next crafty creation!!!

  2. Thanks Charley, I’m glad you enjoyed it….perhaps you will crank up yours as well!

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