My Madhouse Family

Once upon a time when I was single and frivolous and over-excited and younger and lonely living in a foreign city where everyone seemed to be just a little bit crazy (and I’m not talking about the locals), a group of diverse expats came together to live in an old run down villa and became a family.

I’m not talking about family in the traditional sense of the word obviously, but for the turbulent and frenzied few years that we each lived in Dubai and have since subsequently scattered across the globe, these people have been my touchstones of reason and stability, keeping me sane during some pretty challenging times and at the same time  making me laugh harder than I ever have.


A dynamic combo of 1 Kiwi, 1 Aussie, 1 Lebanese, 1 Iraqi, 1 Italian and 1 British/Swiss/Cypriot/Mauritian- (lemme know if I missed any out Tati),  our ‘family’ didn’t only include the actual residents of the house, there was a regular cast of friends and random strangers that were quickly taken into the fold. The door was literally always open (once you made it past the overly zealous friendliness of Diego the dog) and it was quite normal to find 2-3 sleeping figures in the lounge room on any given morning.  Just for clarification, we usually knew these people 🙂

Sadly, the house itself has long since been demolished, succumbing to the once incessant development of the city, but the legacy still remains.  I know this, because 5 years on (this last weekend) we all met up in London for a reunion. A lot has happened in our respective lives – tragedies, comedies, drama, joy – but it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for us all to be together again, laughing at ourselves and remembering the legendary parties and not-so legendary but hilarious mishaps!

It was also a weird but proud moment to introduce them to my new family, my life couldn’t be further removed from what it was in those days but I have no regrets either way, the journey has been amazing and I am so thankful to have such an awesome bunch of people to celebrate that with.

To my Madhouse family, don’t ever change: thank you, I love you, I miss you!

Does anyone out there have their own version of the madhouse family? What’s your story?


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  1. Friends are what get you through the times, good and bad. Lets all celebrate friends.

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