An Ode to Dads

Well actually it’s not really an ode as I struggle to put any of my cheesey poetry out in the public arena, so lets call it a tribute rather.  So it’s Fathers Day in most parts of the world although not all strangely enough as it falls on different days depending on where you are, not sure what this is based on but potentially the marketing plans of gift card companies? Due to this fact, my own dad usually gets a few happy fathers day messages per year depending on which hemisphere I am living in at the time and also how much I am paying attention to the details, which is usually not often!

Still aside from being a great excuse for hotels, restaurants and male grooming products to pimp their product it’s a good chance to remember how important dads are in the grand scheme of things.  Family dynamics have changed dramatically since the days of the much revered nuclear family and you can just as well expect to find a dad as number one childminder/house husband as a mum, so I always find it a bit galling when TV adverts for household cleaning products, kids cereals, toys etc are still so specifically targeted at mums.  I realise that mums may be in the majority when it comes to prime parenting roles but it doesn’t mean the dads should be sidelined.

My opinion on this may be coloured by my own experience as Ioan is a very active and hands on father to the Squigglet (above) and is way more clued up than I am in many areas, as he already has experience with his 13 year-old EJB who has turned to be a wonderful young lady.  He is also the master chef in our household and does way more of the cooking than I do, although I am starting to make a slow come back in this arena and am already plotting chutney and baking projects for when we move to Cornwall next month. On top of all this, he is NOT sports TV obssessed, loves going for scenic walks with us whenever possible and is generally a pretty great guy to have around.

My own dad lives in New Zealand (where Fathers Day is in September) so I don’t get to see him very often, which makes me sad as he is a wonderfully interesting, compassionate and lovely human being. When we were kids dad always used to take us on Sunday drives to beautiful, historic or fun places stopping every 10 minutes for family photo opportunities or ice creams, those were simple happy times.  He had a story about living in almost every small town in NZ, would always let me raid his spare change box (perhaps unbeknownest to him at times) and would buy lamingtons and louise cake from the nearby cake shop as a lunchtime treat. But above all that, he has always supported me and loved me no matter what seemingly random choices I made for my work or love-life. I hope the Squigglet gets the chance to know him well over the next few years cos her Grandad is pretty awesome.

So here’s to dads and all they do to love us. protect us and help us grow into the people we become.  We love you!


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  1. You were very lucky with your dad and Rhi is very lucky with hers. Heres to

  2. Well done, this brought tears to my eyes.

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