Treasure Box Tuesday – 17th July

Durdatha whye! (Good day to you) Don’t ask me how to pronounce that as I’ve only lived in Cornwall for 5 minutes and don’t know anyone who speaks the dialect yet, but I as soon as I do I’ll be asking if the Cornish are also known as Corns.  Although on reflection, this probably isn’t the case and may cause some sour looks in my direction, but it would be kind of fun but unfortunate (for the Corns that is) if it were true.

So anyway after a week that was exhausting and sometimes harrowing we are now firmly enscounced in a little stone terrace cottage in a small Cornish village, and by small I mean there isn’t even a pub which is pretty rare anywhere in Britain, but luckily the local shop sells a wide selection of cheap plonk should the need to pour red wine on the situation occurs (which is does with some alarming frequency).

In the process of unpacking our joint collection of random crap, I’ve resdiscovered some of my precious treasures which have been in storage for the better part of the last year so I thought I’d share these today.  In various parts of the world but mostly in the basements, lofts and garages of my family members, I have boxes and boxes of curios and trinkets collected during my travels however as I’ve pretty much continued a semi-nomadic lifestyle since then I haven’t had the chance to enjoy them all in once place.  I’m  hoping Cornwall will be the place I can finally do that….and then look out, you’ll be bombarded by batik wall hangings and ornate Nepalese incense holders but in the meantime, I’ll have to make do with my acquisitions of more recent years, and here are some of my favs:

A Buddha head with a funky fresh twist

Picked up at the overwhelmingly awesome Jatujak weekend market in Bangkok, this cost around £2 and there were a variety of groovy colours to choose from.  I wanted them all!  Jatujak is apparently the largest weekend market in the world and in it’s sprawling rabbit warren of stalls you can find almost anything you can think of, and quite a bit that you can’t.  I’d highly recommend a visit, it’ll take you most of the day to get through and will be excruciatingly hot and humid but the sheer volume of stuff to browse is worth the trip alone. Oh a tip: if you are going to be in Thailand a while, leave this till the end of your trip as you’ll ineviatably want to buy way more than you want to carry around on trains and buses.

Fun with Chopsticks

I bet you’re thinking what’s so great about coloured pencils, but you’d be wrong! Ha. These are in fact chopsticks that look like coloured pencils, of course. I haven’t told you yet, but I actually have quite an impressive chopstick collection, but as per above this is currently in a box somewhere in NZ so these are the only unique set I have with me in the UK.  As far as practicality goes they are kind of slippery to eat with, but fun all the same and Squigglet loves trying to pick things up with them and play the drums too so multi-purpose points all around!  From memory these ones came from Japanese department store, Loft, which is an amazing emporium of all sorts of cute and cool things you never knew you needed but have to own.

Lastly is my latest collection obsession, old teacups.  I could be all right on and call them vintage as there’s no doubt that some of them actually are, but  others are just sort of old and a little chipped so I’m not sure they warrant that claim.  I started collecting these when I was pregnant with Squigglet as I’d decided that when me and Io get married some day, it’s going to be a woodland tea-party theme with outside lanterns and wild flowers and wine in teacups or maybe tealights in tea cups but probably not tea in teacups.  Anyway, that’s how it started and it kind of still is the end goal but in the meantime I’ve become quite attached to them for their own decorative sake and recently my eyes have started straying to teapots as well, extravagant.  Needless to say the first thing I unpacked in giddy excitement was my humble teacup collection, which now takes pride of place in the dining room displayed in a lovely old wooden cabinet we got on freecycle.

Tea anyone?

So now that I’ve suitably distracted myself from unpacking the rest of our stuff for another day…I’ll sign off and make myself useful. Arg.



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