Hi & thanks for tuning in!

What’s my story? I’m an expat Kiwi currently living in Mid Wales who is also an eternal travel addict, budding craft enthusiast, very-average but imaginative cook, voracious absorber of all sorts of information and now happily a stay-at-home mum to Rhiannon Freya, aka the Squigglet and almost stepmum to the wonderfully talented EJB.

Before I was lured to the wild hills of Wales by my lovely other half Ioan (Io), I worked in travel & lifestyle PR in London and Dubai, although as a collector of interesting experiences I’ve also been a spa therapist/supervisor, rafting photographer, columnist and an English teacher (among other things) in various parts of the world.  These days I’m a bit of a social media addict, love reading quirky novels, collecting vintage teacups, like going for aimless walks in the streets or hills and have a bit of an internet shopping habit, don’t tell Io.

As a family we have grand schemes and dreams to one day have our own tourism business, to convert an old bus into an amazing housebus and take it on an extended roadtrip, to own a small-holding and watch our daughter grow up amongst the trees and bees. We may also get around to getting married at some point.  As a bi-national Kiwi/Welsh family, the question is always: where do we do this?

Why Planet Family? A family in whatever shape or form it comes in, is a world unto itself, but also part of a wider global family that shares many of the same trials, tribulations, laughter and sorrow.

Planet Family covers all sorts of topics, almost as eclectic as my brain. These include but are by no means limited to: family life & conundrums, parenting, cooking, family travel, activities for families, craft projects, random thoughts, toys & gadgets, wellbeing and beauty……..it is an outlet for my discoveries, musings on past experiences and new directions as I go along. I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived with many families from many cultures so I will also be including references to family lifestyle, activities and even cool or weird gadgets around the globe.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Drop me a line……..I can be contacted via email on sarah@planet-family.com


  1. Would love to know your thoughts on the Lost Kidz App which has been on BBC, ITV and in the news.

  2. We hope to have the android version out soon. Probably 6 weeks away. In the meantime, building communities around the world – a little like neighborhood watch areas – where parents, schools, clubs etc help to spread the word to help make their community safer for children.

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