I’d love to hear from other bloggers or even ‘flash in the pan 1-time posters’ who have interesting viewpoints or information to share from other cultures and parts of the world.  It’d be great to have some input on childhood folklore, poems, rhymes, the different ways in which families eat all over the world – what do kids have in their lunch box/bag in Argentina or Mongolia for example, what restaurants can you recommend?

What are the best local activities or attractions for families who live there or visiting there?   What forms of entertainment are the most popular, what shows, characters, gadgets etc? How about trips you have take locally or elsewhere, what made them awesome for a family travelling?

If you’d like to write a guest post get in touch with me: or tweet me @The_Kiwi_Nomad

Can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. reading yr blog made me think about what a relatively slack day we’ve had (Saturday) but then when I broke it down, we accomplished quite a lot! After a luxurious sleep in till 9.30, Andrew made a lovely bacon, tomato and cheese omelette on toast, accompanied by beautiful barista coffee straight out of the back of the coffee car… yum! I made an arrangement for mum and Aunty Iris to come around for lunch, so tore through the house cleaning the bathroom, toilet, getting rid of a couple of week’s worth of newspapers, tidying the junk piles, dusting, emptying boxes that had been lying around with stuff (who knows what or why?), putting away washing that had been folded last night and getting another load on the line. Andrew hooked up the trailer and we took off to the gas place … the gas man and I had been chatting some months ago about his obsession with old turntables and his excellent albums which he plays to make his gas retailing job more manageable. I had bemoaned the lack of a turntable in my life and he’d found one for me, for free! Welcome into the household oh beautiful if slightly dusty Sanyo turntable and tape deck combo with four speakers…!
    We dispensed some coffee, heard about a 4WD station wagon for sale (our diesel is just not doing it for us so have decided to make an offer as the VISA really isn’t struggling enough at the moment), dropped off some scrap metal and a stretcher to the free shop and I came home to do a bit more tidying before the family visit.
    Even though it’s Autumn, the garden is still producing some great goodies – picked lettuce and some beautiful tomatoes to go with lunch, whipped up some hummus (Lyttleton Harbour Kitchen cookbook recipe, yum!) and started the mix for Andrew’s famous focaccia, while he drove around selling half a dozen more coffees (school holidays are quiet coffee times).
    The chickens are off the lay at the moment, so we’ve had to resort this week to buying eggs, but I’m determined to stick with free range at least. I made sure to throw a few silver beet leaves and some weeds for the hens and threw a few compost scraps in for good measure, plus some scraps for the worm farm. That also gave me a chance to do a quick weeding of the strawberry patch, where I discovered (and demolished) a couple of red berries missed by the slugs.
    Mum and Iris arrived with a cooked chicken, Andrew’s bread came out of the oven and we sat down to a feast!
    Somehow after discussing a cool costume jewellery Scotch thistle brooch which needs a new catch (I found it in nana’s treadle sewing machine currently gracing my lounge, so I’m guessing she picked it up on one of her world trips), the conversation got around to hoarding. We’re making a plan to drive seven hours down to Invercargill in the next few months to help Iris get rid of some of her stashes of dinner sets, serving platters, sheet sets, tins of food, and goodness knows what else (the odd stuffed parrot?). I see a monster garage sale helping her get across to visit Carla and Ken on the Gold Coast! Mum tells me Iris will have a very hard time letting things go, and Iris said she never ever makes promises, so perhaps we’d better plan a few other things to do while down there, just in case the de-cluttering mission is a fail. I’d love to take the boys to Stewart Island as neither has been and it’s pretty magical.
    After the rellies exited and we blobbed with a bit of reading, I started hunting “on the line” (thank you Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) for houses we might be able to afford in areas we might want to live. We signed the Arrowtown house up with an agent a couple of days ago and so we’re starting to think about the possibility of buying something in Christchurch. As much as I love this spot, I’d quite like to have a more conventional yard so we can park the chickens (and associated stench/flies) down one end and have a bit of outdoor space for ourselves!
    Dozens of listings and three pages of jotted addresses later, we jumped back in the car to tootle around for a good hour or so. The late afternoon sun gave us a good understanding of which houses would meet the sun-requirements. Seemed like the four houses we liked the most were all under offer, but at least we both agreed on the type of thing we’re looking for! Might have to make an actual list now.
    A quick trip to the supermarket and we were back home where I picked more tomatoes, runner beans, coriander, lemon and kaffir lime leaves to add to the chicken stock Andrew had brewed with the carcass of the chook Mum brought over. He really didn’t like the fish sauce and tamarind paste I added, but we threw in some mushrooms, leftover chicken and udon noodles. I had two bowlfuls and he had probably a few spoonfuls! Very different palates to try and appease…
    More reading (“The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles” by Haruki Murakami loaned by Katy Yiakmis)… a bit of Antiques Roadshow and some New Homes in the Country or something like that, several games of backgammon and a bit of Bear Grylls later and that’s pretty much the Saturday gone without one step of intentional exercise. Oops!
    Can supply hummus recipe, but would have to get out of bed (and that’s highly unlikely just now)…but I might be able to holler for a cup of peppermint tea to be dispatched this way at least!

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