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Almost Silent Sunday…

We are packing up the moving truck today and will be offline most of the week but next time I post it will be from our new place in Cornwall! Exciting…here’s a little pic of Squigglet gardening.  Happy Sunday x

Squigglet doing a little gardening….


Freeze Frame Friday…

Me and Squigglet playing dress-up whilst packing up the house

Treasure Box Tuesday

Happy Treasure Box Tuesday! I’ve been on the ball this week and started writing this post on Monday, when I should have been packing boxes and sorting out our flat, but procrastination won over and so here I am.

This week I’ve dug out a book we bought or Squigglet last year at a poetry reading, don’t go assuming that we’re all highbrow and cultured and everything, as that totally isn’t the case, but a friend was hosting a local poet evening and so we popped along to support her and came away with this lovely collection ‘A Child’s Book of Poems: All Throughout the Year’ which features works from various Welsh poets and beautiful illustrations with a seasonal theme.  I remember loving poetry as a kid, especially those of Australian poet Banjo Patterson and in particular his poem Mulga Bills Bycycle along with silly limericks that kept us entertained on long car journeys.  I still like writing poems in secret but don’t often share them out of embarrassment, but perhaps I will get up the courage to some day soon.  As we’ve just hit July, I thought I’d share one of the July poems in the book here:

Summer Storm by Phil Carradice

The night the storm came, dragons roared outside our window; their breath – bright lightening flashes – forked the far horizon. The old house trembled, flinching under each and every bang.

‘Come on’, said Dad and led us to the garden. We sat on the veranda, gasping as the rain fell in torrents like a waterfall.

‘Remember this’, Dad Said, It’s nature at her best.’ We sat on in the rain. Thunder crashed and Dad was never closer as summer slipped between my fingers.

The night the storm came and dragons roared outside our window.

As I was thinking back to the toys we used to play with as kids I suddenly remember hours of fun with Pick Up Sticks, such a simple premise but totally absorbing to the point it would stop me and my brother constantly bugging each other as we quietly concentrated on winning the game.  I’ll have to remember that for when Squigglet gets to the ‘I’m bored’ stage.  In fact, I reckon I might get a set for me and Io to play for evenings when Bananagrams are proving too challenging, which happens quite frequently after a glass or two of Pinot Noir.

Hours of fun for the whole family….or maybe more so mum and dad

Lastly a bit of homeware eye candy that the Eden Project shop sells in our soon to be home of Cornwall.  I’ve been coveting these lacquered bamboo and coconut shell bowls for a while now, they are stylish, fairtrade and come in a range of fun bright colours that will add flare to any dinner table or party setting. They are a little on the pricey side (salad bowls £34 small bowls £17.50) but I’ve spotted similar products in Sainsburys for about half the amount, although not sure about the fairtrade credentials of those ones.

Lacquered Bamboo Bowls

Funky coconut bowls

I think these may be making an appearance in our new place at some point over the coming months, just have decide which colour!

Over and out for another Tuesday….

Treasure Box Tuesday

Fail! Sheesh I may have bitten off a little more than I can handle committing to a weekly Tuesday post as although I have plenty of things to share, I am struggling a little to get the motivation to sit down and write about it this week as I’ve just started reading 50 Shades of Grey by E L James and I must say it is consuming any spare attention/time that I have, quite a racey story ala modern take on Mills and Boons. Aside from that we’ve been pretty busy with various outings and meeting up with friends this week, as me and Squigglet will be off back down to Wales this weekend to begin packing for our move to Cornwall, fingers crossed our lease comes through tomorrow!

Anyhoo, another random assortment of delights this week so lets start with Sqigglets latest toy obsession: train sets!

These Bigjigs wooden train sets are all the rage in London toy shops and after browsing the catalogue it seems you can start with the basics and build up with additional bits and pieces or themed sets as your child gets older, its also compatible with Brio.  Squigglet got the My First Train Set when we got to London and it has been a good piece of kit to keep her entertained every day and its pretty reasonable at £9.99.

Look mum I can fit inside it!

This next treasure is a bit random but completely in line with our plans to move to Cornwall and set up a new home in the next month.  I do a good line in obsessing about singular things I like/want and for some reason these coat hooks I’ve discovered recently from Oliver Bonas (a new find for me) are my latest passion.  Perhaps it’s something to do with the thick stone walled houses we’ve been looking at renting, but I can just see these hanging on the back of the bedroom door or porch with our initials for jackets, dressing gowns or towels – I have a thing about  people using my towel, just as Io who has been the bewildered victim of my wrath when he mistakenly picks up mine instead of his.  I’m getting over it, slowly.  Never mind essentials like washing  machines and freezers, vintage style coat hangers are obviously the key to a well-appointed home….mmm see my perspective can get a little skewed when it comes to pretty things.

Oliver Bonas Alphabet Hooks…and no this is not a sponsored post

Last but not least is a little something frivolous that I bought on a whim at the Wholefood Market this week.  I’ve been looking for a new summery perfume for a while now but not really wanting to shell out for a big brand variety, so I was happy to come across this lovely range of  scents from Pacifica, which I’ve never seen before but strikes a chord with me being from Kiwiland way down in the Pacific Ocean.  There is quite a range of smells from the flowery to fruity and they come in EDT or solid perfume style.  I got the Tahitian Gardenia which is reminscent of a stroll through a tropical flower garden on a warm humid night…..mmmm.

Mmmm Tahitian Gardenia…tropical flowery divine

Anyways, better late than never I guess Treasure Box Tuesday over and out till next week.

Silent Sunday: Daddy & Squigglet Chilling in the Playground

Daddy & Squigglet Chilling in the Playground

Taking a well deserved break post market shopping…..ah!

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